About CIRA College

A creative career starts here

At CIRA College, we believe that learning is so much more than what happens in the classroom, that’s why we go above and beyond to ensure our courses offer a wide range of practical and hands-on experiences.

CIRA College is an outstanding Canadian school that offers personalized training through small class sizes and talented instructors. CIRA will help you kickstart your career in the creative industry by providing professional training and experience in web design, graphic design, illustration, photography and more.


CIRA College provides high-quality graphic design programs and services that contribute to students’ academic and career-driven success. Our curriculum was designed to guide the students through developing the skills and knowledge required to meet their career goals. Moreover, we operate with small-sized classes guaranteeing total attention from the instructors and a truly personalized educational experience.

We collaborate with local businesses and focus on creating quality relationships between our communities while also helping our students to integrate into this community and build successful and meaningful careers.

We aim to facilitate a creative working environment for our faculty and staff. As creative professionals ourselves, we stand behind developing a living and learning environment that fosters inspiration and individuality.


CIRA College was founded in 2017 by  Weizhang Meng with the Media Design & Web Development co-op diploma as a sister branch from CIRA High School. Like the High School, CIRA College focuses on bringing high-quality design and tech vocational programs to domestic and international students. Since its foundation, CIRA has helped several students to boost their careers in the creative industry and secure a job in their field through our co-op Graphic Design diploma.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative educational opportunities and student support services that create confident and capable individuals. It is to empower our students to fulfill their professional goals and succeed in their careers and to provide an inclusive, respectful and welcoming environment that fosters creativity and personal development.

Our Vision

We aim to be a reference of excellence in creative arts and tech education in Vancouver with a high rate of positive feedback from our students.

Our Values


Quality is our first and foremost value. We keep ourselves to a high standard of quality and aim for excellence in every process conducted in our organization.

Respect & kindness

People come to us from all different life journeys, places and realities. We believe the only way to a fruitful relationship among this vast and invaluable diversity is through respect, and we will enforce this as our utmost rule.


We recognize that everyone is susceptible to making mistakes. When they happen, we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, try to learn from them, repair any possible collateral damage and always strive to improve.


No one succeeds alone. We achieve success through cooperation by empowering and inspiring others to fulfill their goals while being empowered and inspired by them.


Our drive to improve and succeed is always guided by integrity and empathy. We prize honesty and transparency in our relations.


We appreciate our colleagues, their skills and knowledge and let them know whenever possible. We appreciate the kindness and respect from our peers and their constructive feedback.



CIRA College carries EAQ (Education Quality Assurance), which recognizes the high standard of educational quality provided by the institution as well as standardizes students’ rights and protections.


Canada International Royal Arts (CIRA) College is regulated by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education Skills and Training, and the following programs are approved by the registrar:

EduCanada is a brand that supports the international education offer of Canadian provinces and territories.

Visit CIRA College

Located at the heart of Vancouver, easily accessible via bus or Skytrain, CIRA College is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure our students are updated with industry standards. Come take a look at our facilities and chat about how we can help you achieve your goals!