BC Government raises Minimum Wage to $16.75 per hour

Today the BC Government announced that effective June 1, the minimum wage in the province will rise to $16.75 per hour, which is a 6.9% hike from the previous one. 

For someone working 40 hours a week all year, that’s a jump of about $2,200 annually.

Harry Bains, BC’s Minister of Labour, announced this today as a direct response to the inflation rates that Canada has been facing in the last months, which have affected many families and workers.

This will mean BC will have the second-highest minimum wage in the country, slightly behind Yukon, where the minimum wage is $16.77. 

The new increase is expected to affect about 150,000 workers who currently earn less than $16.75 per hour. The province says 58% of those are women, while 21% are youth aged 15-19 who are still at school.

The province did not have a scheduled change to the minimum wage for 2023. Between 2018 and 2022, the minimum wage went up yearly from $12.65 to $15.65 (the current minimum wage) in four years.


Sources: cbc.ca, ctv.ca, dailyhive.comnews.gov.bc.ca

“It is unfair to expect the most vulnerable workers to give up some of their non-discretionary income because of record high inflation. By ensuring fairer compensation for our lowest-paid workers, we will reduce inequality and foster a more inclusive society.”

Minimum wage in British Columbia (per hour): 2001 to present

2001: $8.00
2002-2010: no increases
2011: $8.75, then $9.50
2012: $10.25
2013: no increase
2014: no increase
2015: $10.45
2016: $10.85
2017: $11.35
2018: $12.65
2019: $13.85
2020: $14.60
2021: $15.20
2022: $15.65
June 1, 2023: $16.75

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