10 Games to improve your UI/UX skills

Due to its high relevance in the digital world, UI/UX has become one of the major trends in the past decade, with a considerable demand in the design and tech industry.

User Interface (UI) refers to the look and aesthetic elements such as buttons, margins, white space, typography and other interactive features in charge of providing a seamless, friendly and enjoyable experience using the product/service.

On the other hand, User Experience (UX) refers to the overall experience a user of a product or service has had. Its goal is to help accomplish specific tasks by analyzing user behaviour and user flow, considering aspects such as accessibility, usability and satisfaction.

Our Media Design and Web Development program covers this study area, giving you the foundations of UI/UX. However, it’s always important to keep practicing and testing yourself. Never stop learning.

And what better way to learn than having fun?

Here is a list of games that will help you improve your design thinking, critical eye, tools and other skills involved in the UI/UX world:

Can't Unsee

This game presents two similar designs and asks players to choose the best UX.

Link: https://cantunsee.space/

The Bézier Game

This game will help you to master the pen tool, a tool found in most design software.

Link: https://bezier.method.ac/


Kerntype is a game to train your eyes. The main goal is to get the perfect letter spacing.

Link: https://type.method.ac/


This game will test how accurately you judge pixel space on the screen.

Link: https://pixact.ly/

The Boolean Game

The Boolean game will help you understand operations such as union, subtract, intersect, etc., in Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma and other vector editors.

Link: https://boolean.method.ac/

Shape Type

This is a letter-shaping game, where you have to fix the position of anchor points to make the design look how it’s supposed to look.

Link: https://shape.method.ac/


“Color” will challenge your eyes by matching the color presented with the one in the color wheel. Also, it will progressively unlock different modes such as saturation, complementary and triadic, among others.

Link: https://color.method.ac/

Better Web Type

This tool teaches you to consider the font size, line height and width simultaneously to get a perfect paragraph. It’s a great tool to train your eye.

Link: https://betterwebtype.com/triangle/

It’s Centred That

Test your skills and judge whether the center dots are in the middle of the shapes.

Link: https://www.supremo.co.uk/designers-eye/


Guess the correct typeface shown on the screen, get points and try to get the longest streak.

Link: https://typewar.com/

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