15 useful Chrome extensions for designers


Browser extensions can be a life saver sometimes.
When you don’t have all the answers, you know some people outside of your world have worked on those answers for your needs.

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This guide will show you extensions for Chrome, the most used web browser in the world. Some people don’t like it, because it takes a lot of your RAM, but there are many other reasons to use it, and here are some of them:

Fonts Ninja

Fonts Ninja identifies fonts and CSS properties on any website by simply hovering over them. It also shows extra information such as the price and styles available for that font and lets you bookmark fonts for future use.



ColorZilla offers Color Picker, Eyedropper and Gradient Generator tools, so you can pick any color for any part of a website. Very handy if you want to redesign a website but keep the same color palette.



Heurio turns any website into a canvas where you can add notes and comments. It helps the communication between Designers and Developers.

Site Palette

Site Palette extracts all colors from a website and generates a color palette. You can export the palette as an image and even create a sharable link. The site palette supports Adobe Swatch and coolors.co


Colour Contrast Checker

Color contrast is particularly important in web design for accessibility reasons. The Colour Contrast Checker lets you know what elements of your design don’t meet AA WCAG standards.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator provides a quick and easy way to generate Lorem Ipsum text to complement your design. Each sentence on the generator is randomly generated to simulate real text.


Visual Inspector

Visual Inspector allows you to inspect a webpage and all its contents, such as images, colors and fonts. You can also edit some elements of the page and have access to the CSS output of the changes.



Sometimes you need to take a screenshot of the whole page. Either for a project, for your portfolio or to show to a client. That’s when GoFullPage comes in handy. You can export the screenshot as a pdf or image.



With Loom, you can easily record your screen, camera and microphone simultaneously and share the recording. It is great for collaborating since it allows to add comments and reactions.


Window Resizer

If you wonder how your web page looks in other sizes, with Window Resizer your Chrome browser window will be resized to the exact size. Although it offers you some pre-established sizes, you can enter the exact measurements you want to know.


Google Font Previewer

Google Font Previewer for Chrome will help you preview what a website with a different typography will look like. This extension allows you to choose from a wide range of fonts from Google Fonts.


Muzli 2

Do you look at artistic inspiration before you start designing? This Chrome plugin has the resources to spark your creativity and bring your first graphic sketches to life. 

Every time you open a new browser window, Muzli 2 will show you an updated feed with inspiring designs.


Page Ruler

Measuring the size of all the objects on a web page can be really tiresome… That’s why there is Page Ruler, the favorite extension of the Google Chrome Store to measure everything you want and as many times as you want.



If you are a perfectionist when it comes to designing a website, this extension is for you. It is perfect especially in the final parts of evaluation and start-up of the project to ensure that the design is as we have conceived it. Perfect Pixel allows you to compare the design of your website with its result in the browser by overlaying your design with a semi-transparency.



This tool allows you to experiment with CSS properties in real time. Stylebot helps to manipulate the appearance of any website or from functions that are already pre-established in the code. You can also preview and install styles previously created by you and share them with other designers through the sister extension Stylebot Social.


Extra: Emoji Keyboard

Another amazing design extension for Google Chrome that will save you if you design for social networks. Emoji Keyboard includes all the emojis of our Whatsapp keyboard and is always constantly updated.


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