10 Super Useful Apps for Students

Apps can help you organize your life so well, and as a student staying organized is the key to success. From to do lists to time tracking to splitting up how much your pizza costs, here are some very useful apps for students. 

1. Any.do

A great way to integrate your to do list with you calendar, you can use Any.do to create your grocery lists, personal to do lists and more! It’ll ask you when you want to do those things and immediately integrate it with your calendar. Of course, you could just use Google Calendar but sometimes setting up tasks is a little clunky and this streamlines it all. This syncs across all devices easily and gives you the reminders you need! 

2. Clockify

A neat app for time tracking, Clockify is great for freelancers, teams working from home and also general productivity. You can make your hours billable and start a timer if you’re working on a project. Or if you just want to improve your personal productivity, you can use it to see how much time you’re spending one ch project.

3. Adobe Scan

Not everyone has a scanner at home, Adobe Scan is a great way to scan your documents, files and anything else you need right from your phone. It can detect the edge of documents form a picture and format it to look like it was scanned into your computer. 

4. Google Drive

Google Drive – and all related apps under the Google Drive umbrella, is basically a necessity nowadays. It’s a great way to organize group projects, you can keep all articles you’ve found, all documents you’ve written, slideshows you’ve made and anything else you need all in one place. You can basically use it to organize your whole life and never worry about losing your work. 

5. Grammarly

An easy app to have around to check in with your grammar, spelling and general tone. It only works on the web, so don’t expect it to check your Word documents, but if you’re using Google Docs you’re set. The one feature that sets it apart from other spell check services is the tone checker, which is great when sending emails!

6. Trello

Trello is an incredible app for keeping track of what work has been done, and what still needs to be done, especially in group settings. At the most basic level, it acts as a to do list with virtual sticky notes. You can assign tasks to people, and they can move it to the “Done” list when they’re finished so you know exactly where your group is at. Beyond this basic function however, there are so many uses and tons of templates for you to use to get your brain going! 

7. Forest

If you have trouble staying focused, this is the app for you! Sometimes you need to sit and study for a while, but your phone is just too tempting. Enter Forest, an app where you can’t touch your phone because it’s planting a tree! It takes 30 minutes to grow a tree, so staying focused for a full 30 minutes rewards you with a beautiful tree. You can use it on your phone or your browser as well, and add websites to your block list that you can’t open or else your tree will die! Tip: use it at dinner to make sure you’re staying present with your friends. 

8. Libby

First of all, libraries are great. Go grab a library card from the Vancouver Public Library and get access to books, audiobooks, games, and more! Libby is a great app to be able to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from VPL easily. Of course, VPL also has an app which is useful to see what’s available and check on your hold and such, but the interface is a little outdated and buggy. 

9. Transit App

Sometimes you just need to know when the bus is coming! The Transit App gives you updated bus schedules so you can see when your next bus is coming, or what the fastest transit route available is. It’s great because it works in so many different places, so if you’re travelling you don’t have to worry that it’s specific to Vancouver.

10. Splitwise

Splitwise is an incredibly useful app for anyone who hates asking for people to pay you back. Have you ever paid for dinner for your house only to have no one ever give you money back? This app allows you to put in the total amount you’ve paid and split it up with people. Or if you cover someone when they forget their wallet, you can just throw in the total amount for them to pay you back. It helps you keep track of what people owe you and feels just a little bit less awkward. However, you’ll still need to remind them if they don’t look at the app!

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