Tips for Students Finding a Job in Today's Current Situation

In today’s tough economy, and with the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, it’s hard for an ordinary job seeker to secure a job position. Here are some extra essential steps that may help you with your job search. 

Useful tips for finding a job:

  • Tailor your resume

Tailor your resume to each job – the recruiter should know within a few seconds of looking at your resume that you have the skills they are looking for. Highlighting your capabilities and accomplishments that matches the job that you are applying for. 

  • Create a LinkedIn Profile

Many employers, recruiters and hiring managers are looking for candidates through LinkedIn so it’s a great way to showcase your profile online and also network with other professionals. 

  • Create as many networks as possible

Network with friends and classmates and see if they may be aware of any job openings. They may also connect you with someone or a company they know is hiring.

  • After an interview, make follow-ups

Follow up personally by email after an interview to thank the interviewer and reiterate why you would be a great fit for the position. 

  • Keep applying 

If you’re not hearing back from employers, maintain momentum by applying to jobs that match your skills, experience and qualifications. Set a daily application goal and reward yourself in small, meaningful ways after reaching it, such as reading your favourite book or meeting a friend for coffee.

  • Be patient and persistent

Set aside time every week to check for job postings, to do research on employers in your field, and to send out a manageable number of applications. It is probably not realistic to try to send out 20, letter-perfect, individually tailored applications in a weekend, so pace yourself. It is better to send five high-quality applications than 20 generic ones. Treat the job search as a marathon rather than a sprint. When you work on the job search regularly, rather than in fits and starts, it is easier to stay focused and to control the stress that inevitably accompanies the job search.

  • Consider Temporary Work or Volunteering

It is advisable to consider temporary work without having to overlook it even if it means volunteering in a new relevant field to gain experience and exposure. Volunteering can often result in a job offer.

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