How to stay inspired as an artist


1. Create your space


You need a space in which you feel comfortable, secure and inspired in order to do your best work. Whether that means organizing your desk space to your tastes or building your very own home-office, take the time to think about developing an environment that’s conducive to creativity.


2. Take a Break from Your Big Project and Try Something Else


Don’t spend all of your time with one project unless you’re feeling ultra-creative and making a lot of progress. By taking breaks, you’ll give yourself an opportunity to think creatively about different things and consider new angles to approach your piece.

Another way you can take a break is by focusing on an entirely different project. Work on something small in comparison and altogether different in its objective. These differences cause your brain to think in different ways, which can bring forth immense creativity.


3. Go for a Walk and Enjoy the Peace


This is an extension of taking a break from your project; separate yourself from all aspects of working with art. Get out of the office and take a walk or sit on a bench in the park. The important part is that you’re taking a step away from your art and enjoying life. You can gain inspiration from this and you don’t need to focus too much on getting motivated from these activities. 


4. Visit Museums


You can gain inspiration from history or art museums. The primary objective when visiting these places is to be open to new ideas and gather inspiration for your project. What works; what doesn’t; how did they think of that; are all questions to consider when walking around a local museum. This is a fantastic way to get out of the house, get a change of scenery, and be inspired.


5. Read About Art and Creativity


Besides stimulating your mind with visual art in museums, you can also read more about creativity, success stories,blogs about art, etc. Immerse yourself in a culture that’s brimming with inspiration and ways to alter your perspective. Reading can be motivating and also educational at the same time. Remember that though you’re an artist, you’re always a learning artist. 


6. Revisit Your Favorite Artists


Watch or read interviews of creative artists that you admire and look out for anything they can teach you about what motivates artists to create art, and about their process. When you’re starting a new project, you’re probably at your most optimistic and open to new ideas, so take advantage of that state of mind and let other artists help you get motivated! There may be some aspect of their work or process that you can apply directly to your new project. 




It is important to stay current and involved by watching designers you admire. You should follow designers on social media, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Behance, and Dribble. Try to keep a folder on your laptop and phone of different images you find that inspire you so you can refer back to it when you start your project.