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As of today, we have officially transitioned into online studies. We strongly believe that learning does not always have to happen on campus. In order to avoid any further delays to our student’s learning, we have transitioned our classes online. The software that we are using is called Zoom. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with other – either by video or audio-only or both, all while conducting live chats – and it lets you record those sessions to view later.

Our instructors have already been using Zoom for many years now and now it has become increasingly popular among other institutions.

Please read below which is a simple step-by-step guide on how to participate on Zoom. 

There are 4 ways to join a Zoom meeting:

  1. With the Zoom app on your desktop
  2. Through a link via your email invitation
  3. From the Zoom website
  4. Or via telephone dial-in

Note: The host (your instructor) will have to start the meeting first so you can join or the host enables “join before host”.

From the Zoom app:

  1. Open the Zoom app on your desktop, Start button, Zoom folder, start Zoom
  2. Click on Sign in
  3. On the right side menu Select “Sign In with SSO”
  4. Enter your USQ username and password if prompted
  5. Click on Join
  6. Enter the Meeting ID (this is displayed in the email invitation)
  7. You can then choose whether to come into the meeting with your audio or video enabled or disabled

Email link:

  1. You will receive an email invitation from the meeting host
  2. Click on the link in the email (join via PC, MAC, iOS or Android)
  3. You will be taken to the meeting

From the Zoom website:

  1. Go to the Zoom website (
  2. Click on Zoom Account Sign On (SSO) button
  3. Sign in with your USQ username and password if prompted
  4. Click on the My Meetings tab
  5. Click on the Meeting link that you want to join

Telephone dial in:

  1. You will receive an email from the meeting host
  2. It will display the Dial in number

To see more detailed instructions on how to join a meeting, go to the Zoom website

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